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The "future wireless technology" Summit Forum is held in Ningda

In March 18th, the first summit forum of "future wireless technology series forum" was held in Ningda sincere library. Vice President Xu Tiefeng attended the opening ceremony and made a welcome word.

At the forum, the person in charge of the school of information briefly introduced the development of the college and the advantages and characteristics of the school. 3315, Wu Ke, the leader of the next generation wireless communication system, the key technology and component research and development of the access network and the two academicians of Canada, will introduce and prospect the wireless technology wireless prospect in the future.

The first forum invited the national outstanding youth, youth of the Ministry of education Changjiang Scholar Zhang Xiuyin of the South China University of Technology, the national young people plan, Hao Zhangcheng of Southeast University, the national young people plan, Yang Fan of Tsinghua University, the national outstanding youth, the national young people plan, Tianjin University Ma Kai theme of the report.

On the forum, experts and scholars exchange their research fields, research methods and cutting-edge achievements. The report is simple and vivid, and the atmosphere is lively. The participants in the exchange constantly capture new inspiration, seek interest, expand thinking and actively expand new cooperative projects.

The forum is sponsored by the school of information of Ningbo University. The forum intends to take regular or irregular rolling held, inviting well-known experts, with "special report + free discussion forum topic" form, by continuously focusing wireless technology technology and key hot subject to school "foreign exchange platform for the development of high-end dual class construction and discipline construction, promote the basic study on the depth of economic integration and entity of science. "Forum" for future wireless technology and give full play to the comprehensive advantages of universities, Research Institute of science and technology innovation, construction of high-end talent, discipline and other aspects, is committed to create an international forum, to create a center for the most influential in the field, the future wireless technology with various areas of cross-border exchanges, accelerate innovation, leading the development of.

In this forum, there are more than 80 core members from universities, academics, experts, scholars, enterprises, technicians, and 3315 team members of Ningbo University.