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About the city - Ningbo

A Thriving Port City near East China Sea

Ningbo is located midway in the coastline of the East China Sea. It enjoys a convenient traffic condition and travel from Ningbo to Shanghai is approximately two hours by bus through the Trans-Hangzhou-Bay Great Bridge. Ningbo is renowned as a world recognized port with its cargo handling capacity ranking a stable second place in China. The port has shipping links with 518 ports in 84countries and regions across the world.

A Historic City of Abundant Tourism Resources

Ningbo is a cultural and historic city of China. The 7,000-year old Hemudu Cultural Relics are recognized as the cradle of the ancient Chinese civilization. As one of the best tourism cities in China, Ningbo is ornamented by various scenic spots including Trans-Hangzhou-Bay Great Bridge, Tianyi Pavilion, Dongqian Lake, Putuo Mountain, etc.

A Dynamic City with Unique Local

Flavor Ningbo mirrors a unique flavor and dynamism during its opening up and modernization. Ningbo International Fashion Festival, China Consumer Commodities Expo, China Fishery Opening Ceremony, etc. arouse widespread acclamation. In addition, Ningbo is famous for its seafood, sweet dumplings, honey peaches, thousand-layer cakes, oysters and red bayberry etc.